The best way to create a greeting card that makes a difference !

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When you create a greeting card what do you really want to express? Your love? Offering good wishes and blessings? Conveying praise and thanks?

The greeting and the greeting card are an opening, an opportunity. It's your choice whether to remain vague and general or to make your greeting inspiring and meaningful when you create a greeting card.

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Creating your card

You can create your greeting card as a draft, within a minute, or treat it as a process that takes more time. It all depends on what you want to deliver, and whether you want to make a difference.

To create a greeting card is not much different from writing a poem or a song.

We need to find a peaceful place and time, get away from our daily turmoil, brainstorm for ideas, and then write and edit.

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Where to find the perfect words?

Greetings are about feelings, relationships, communications and expressing ourselves.

Our main tool is our words. it's the words that make the difference.

Where can we find the words within ourselves?

How can we be meaningful without being melodramatic?

Discover some important tips and ideas. Start with brainstorming for ideas

or go directly to writing your greeting card

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A greeting can be a reminder, and a profound way to communicate Who You Are.