Enjoy, customize and personalize your 123 greetings free e card!

123 greetings is the most popular site offering free e-cards. All the e-cards it offers are free to use and send.

I find the slogan of the site very special and unique. For me it represents the essence of the greeting card business and mission. Although other sites emphasize also the same point, this slogan is very sharp and accurate:

Free Greetings For The Planet!

Isn't it nice?

The site is huge. There are over 25000 e-cards, and over 2000 events and festivals offered and updated regularly. There are many e-card categories, including birthday e-cards.

In fact four out of the twelve most popular 123 greeting cards are birthday e-cards (birthday wishes, friend's birthday, friend's flowers and friends fun.)

On every page you'll find a small tip regarding the page content or the e-card idea. These tips are fun and contribute to the content and atmosphere of the page.

Sending a123 free greeting card is a very simple process.

After you choose the-card you want to send there are three stages to customize and personalize your card:

1. You can customize the font color, size and type. You can also customize the background color of the-card. The process is very simple and self explanatory.

2. You can personalize your card. Add your words and greetings and update the recipient list – up to one hundred recipients for each card!

3.The third stage is previewing and sending the-card.

Upon sending your cards you'll get an e mail that the-card has been sent. You'll also get e-mail notification when your recipient collects the card.

There are 3 types of cards: animated, flash and interactive-cards (where you can insert your recipient's name or other words so they appear as part of the animation).

You can follow your e-card with a special card number. With this number your recipient will be able to see their e-card too.

To access 123 greeting card selection and opportunities, click on the 123 picture below. It will take you directly to 123 greetings selection of birthday e-cards.


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