What is the secret of greetings and this site?


My name is Eldad Shary and it's my privilege to have created this site and www.holiday-greeting-cards-tipbasket.com on which I offer you the best in Greeting Card tips.

The roots of my decision to initiate this site trace back to my various fields of interest. I have been writing and creating for many years, learning and implementing various methods of self awareness, while working for my living as the CFO in a five star hotel in Israel.

Greetings combine it all for me: Writing, creating, beauty, giving, art, technology, communication, love, self expression and creating abundance. They form a whole world in miniature.

Since I started exploring the subject I have been amazed every day anew by the variety and richness of materials available, both on and off the net. It seems that many people feel the same as I do – that greetings represent a rich world that can contribute to our lives.

What this site offer you is a variety of tips about many aspects of greetings and greeting cards, starting with the Art of Greeting, and continuing with classical and popular cards and sites, software, reminders, and much more.

The tips do not represent everything available in each section. Rather they represent the best sites and offers I have found that can be of value to you.

When I recommend a service on one of the linking sites that require payment, it's a top quality site and service which I have checked out personally.

Please visit the site often to see the new subjects on offer and the new tips, which are updated regularly.

Feel free and welcome to offer your own greeting tips, stories and insights.

The intention of this site is to create a growing Greeting community that shares and contributes to our joint and individual self expression, knowledge and fun.

I am pleased to welcome you and await your tips and greeting experience.

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