Regal Greeting !

Regal Greeting !

Regal greeting is unique and rare these days. Most of us send either computerized e cards or regular paper greeting cards.

Greetings and greeting cards used to be much more regal – ornamented and elaborate in many ways (I am talking about the 18th and 19th centuries and before).

People used to devote much more time to writing and styling their greetings – in terms of writing and decorating and sending them waxed and perfumed!

Today – in our hectic times we are short in time and patience and choose the quickest ways to send our greetings.

I am suggesting here to take a LITTLE more time and invest in our greetings. You can see that in the Art of Greeting and Quotes 4 Greetings.

On this page I want to share some sites with you that offer a taste of regal greeting cards.

It might be regal pictures. It might be regal design or colors. It might be regal phrasing. offers paper greeting cards for the business sector. Their designs are beautiful and rich, and you can find many cards that fit the description of regal cards. Their site will also give you the conditions for purchasing their cards (a minimum of 25 cards per order on line). You can also customize your printed card. offers you postcards with numerous majestic airplanes and special pictures. You can send your postcards on line. Many of the pictures are very impressive and regal.

From time to time I will update this list.

I invite you to write to me and share your ideas and favorite regal greetings and greeting cards.

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