Where to find the best ideas when you make birthday cards?

The answer is very simple: within yourself, of course. When you make birthday cards brainstorming for ideas is easy. To make birthday cards is a two-way street: first you journey inside yourself and then you move outside – to your relationship with the birthday person. Brainstorming for ideas illuminates both directions and will enrich you and your relationship.

After you have scheduled the right time and set the right place you are ready to generate your ideas.

Writing and Writing…..

Take some paper, make sure your pen is working and start writing all the ideas that pop to your head. Don’t look at them – just keep on writing and writing.

Write as much as you can without lifting your hand from the paper. This is the stage at which you want to let your ideas flow fluidly from your subconscious via your hand to the paper without your judgmental brain interfering in the process.

Stop when you feel that you REALLY don’t have anything more to put on paper. There is no rule determining how long it should take.

It may vary, but for sure you'll want to stop before your ideas are finished.

So, a rule of thumb is not to stop when you have the urge to do so (you might have this urge a few times). Only when you REALLY feel that your Basket is empty stop writing (tired but satisfied.)

You have now a few papers full of great raw material to make a birthday card. You have plenty of ideas to make a few birthday cards, a mixture of feelings, thoughts, memories, plans, wishes and much more

What should you do with all this…?

Now is the time to decide what you want to say when you make your card. You might want to take a break before doing that.

If you feel emotionally drained by the brainstorming process you can postpone the decision for a new session.

Often enough a glance at the papers will make it very clear to you what is right for putting in your card.

If it's not clear enough – start eliminating the points you don’t want to include in your greeting. At the end of this process, stay with the points you feel are appropriate for your greeting.

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