You have the ability to create profound sayings and birthday quotes!

Quotes and birthday quotes are very popular.

From funny birthday jokes to sophisticated birthday quotes, you can find a huge supply and variety on and off the net.

Greeting cards and greetings are closely associated with quotes. It's probably our desire to make a difference, to contribute to our recipient's life that sends us looking for quotes. Somehow we trust the words and sayings of others more than our own. Somehow most of us treat sayings originating in our own lives with less respect.

Using birthday quotes has advantages and disadvantages.

If you choose to use a quote – I believe it should be one that you already know. One that is familiar and meaningful to you. This kind of quote can contribute to making your greeting more profound and authentic.

If you use a quote you just happened to 'pick up' along the way at the last minute – you run the danger of creating a greeting that is superficial, even artificial.

Create your saying...

I believe that in most cases, the best solution is to create your own birthday quotes and sayings.

You can create and phrase meaningful and profound sayings.

Don’t be afraid to do it and use those sayings in your greetings. If you allow yourself to be meaningful and creative – you'll be surprised how authentic and inspiring you can be.

You'll be surprised how much you can contribute in this way to your life and to the lives around you.

You can start to learn more – and begin to utilize the opportunity


Some special sites..

I also want to suggest some special sites offering quotes.

There are numerous sites offering all kinds of quotes. The ones I have chosen for you offer a special viewpoint of the subject as well as a selection. They are not just an organized list of quotes or funny birthday jokes.

You can check out these special quotes sites by clicking HERE

The bottom line, my advice and MY saying for this page is:

Don’t choose the easy way by using an off-the-shelf quote. Use your imagination, work it out and create sayings that will have profound meaning to you and to your loved ones.

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