Words 2 Inspire for your Greeting Card !

Your best greeting cards are about words 2 inspire your loved one and your life.They are about making your life better. About being loved, and appreciated. About making a difference in your family's and friends' lives.

Inspiration is the "name of the game" for me. Inspiration is the fuel and the result of our noble feelings: love, compassion, support.

You might speak about love or other noble feelings in high-sounding words but actually feel nothing. It’s the inspiration that fills us with energy, with the feeling that we are ALIVE.

Writing a greeting card is a great opportunity to inspire and to be inspired. You can look for and use the words that touch and inspire.

If you are brave enough you can even say to our greeting recipient: I want to inspire you. I want to be inspired by you!

If you are super brave you might tell her or him: Inspiration is important to me.INSPIRE ME!

How? Let her or him think about it. Contemplate it, explore it. Let yourself contemplate and explore how to inspire yourself and your loved one's life.

I know! It might sound odd and unacceptable to ask someone to inspire you. After all, inspiration is so very subtle and difficult to arouse, BUT – putting it on the table, knowing it's important, asking for it in your life – that's the main thing.

Click on the picture below you'll open a page where I wrote some inspirational sentences.

You can take them and use them. It’s a gift from me to you.

You can show them to your loved one on screen. Let him or her READ THIS PAGE.This way you'll have a common solid ground for your common inspiration in words and ideas.

One last thing: if YOU have words 2 inspire you can SEND THEM TO ME. I'll publish them if I find them appropriate.


If you have other people's sayings and inspirational words 2 inspire send me the link or site address – and I'll put them on site for all our friends to enjoy.

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