Where is the right place to make a birthday greeting card?

Actually there is no right or wrong place to make a birthday greeting card. Maybe you feel better to make your birthday card as a team, with family or friends. Maybe you work better alone.

Working together

create the birthday greeting card in a special, inspiring place

If you choose to work together, decide on a special time and place to make the birthday greeting card.

Let the place and time be dedicated to the greeting and let the other participants know that this is a "Greeting Meeting."

At first it may sound odd, even stupid, to organize a Greeting Meeting. Try it, and see if and how it works for you. These meetings don’t have to be long, but be sure everyone's clear what they are about.

Eventually Greeting Meetings can become a meaningful time for gathering, creating, having fun and to make birthday greeting cards together. Each one in the group can make his or her own card or together you can create one card from all.

You can meet for each birthday at a different place. At home or outdoors. Be creative about your gathering places. Surprise each other. Let each one decide in turn where and how to make the greeting.

Have fun and celebrate your Greeting Meetings.

Working by yourself

If you choose the solo route, you can turn the time into a one-person Greeting Meeting. You can keep it as your own little secret or let others in on it.

Surprise yourself with special places. Select a nice café or work in a special, inspiring place. That way, you'll remember each birthday according to the special flavor, look and feel of the place in which you wrote your greeting.

Play around with the length of your Greeting Meetings. See what happens when they're shorter or longer.

Why not make it a half-day or whole-day affair? Why not take a day off and travel out of town to the countryside? Make this a special time for yourself and your loved one.

In fact, you can take your loved one with you on the greeting trip, whether it's on or before the birth day.

Celebrate your time together.

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Greeting Meeting and Greeting Trip – Your special time and place together or alone.