Is there a right time to make a Birthday Card?

The worst time to make a birthday card is at the last moment. You don’t want your greeting to be a hastily scribbled note.

The right time is some time before the important date. It might be the same day or a few days earlier. Decide what works the best for you and your greeting. Fortunately, we usually have a few greeting-writing occasions each year, so you can experiment and see how much time in advance is best for you to make a birthday card.

You can start by thinking about what you would like to say. Take a walk in quiet, inspiring surroundings to contemplate. It's a great opportunity to gather your thoughts, breathe deeply, get away from the hectic daily pace.

Enjoy this time with yourself, whether it's a few minutes or hours, walking or leisurely sipping a cup of your favorite pick-me-up in a pleasant café.

When was the last time you gave yourself and your loved one such a peaceful and inspiring time?

How much time

You can write a draft, rework it and finish to make your birthday card in one session. You can take a second break and then draft, write and edit your greeting. These quiet moments may be so precious that you decide to indulge in a few of them.

Each session can vary from a few minutes to a few hours.

You can use these sessions with yourself for other creative work you want to do – before or after creating your greeting.

In fact this "greeting time" can be shared with your family. Let them know about it, let them take part in your experience. If they are interested you might share "greeting time" with them. Make a birthday card together.

Make "greeting time" quality family time.

Eventually, you may find yourself looking forward to birthday greeting time so that you can spend some quality time with yourself or with your family.

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