What are birthday reminders? How to use them?

Birthday reminders are computerized or other digital reminder forms that help us remember special dates. We all have our special ways of reminding ourselves. What's yours? Do you stick post-its on your fridge? Do you use your Palm or Outlook?

The reminder service is very simple. You can insert a note on your computer or Palm, or do the same on your cell phone and it will remind you every year, including the birthday person's age – if you have provided the information.

There are many sites that do basically the same thing. They send you a mail reminder or call your cell phone if you choose. You can keep on top of many birthday dates this way.

With the mail reminder you'll also receive a few offers for e-cards to send or buy and a choice of several gifts you can purchase on line.

This service is easy to use and it's really your choice whether to avail yourself of it or make up your own computer or cell phone reminder.

A handy feature that most reminder sites offer is the option of sending an e-mail from the site in your name to your loved one or friend. They can also file the birth date in your account.

American Greetings have a nifty birthday reminder service. Their Myra Minders will remind you of your important dates.

Send Birthday cards on AmericanGreetings.com

American Greetings reminders are powered by Bigdates.com

At Bigdates.com Dottie will be your personal assistant, to remind you of special dates and offer e-cards and gift ideas. The service is free for three months, after which it costs a few dollars a year. The graphics are very colorful and lively and the instructions and tables are very user-friendly.

You can also try Birthdayalarm.com and Happybirthday.com, each of which has a convenient free service.

This tool is very simple. Check it out for yourself and decide whether it is the most convenient way of remembering and updating new birthday dates (after all, we all make new friends, and families expand by marriages and births…).

At Barnes and Noble they call their FREE reminder service Gift Reminder. Basically it's the same service with the same features. The question is really by whom you want to be reminded. You can check the Barnes and Noble service and sign for their free reminder service (and maybe even send a nice book or DVD with your birthday greeting)

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