A good Happy Birthday Poem can Inspire your loved one!

Our search for a happy birthday poem is basically the same as for quotes. We want our words to touch and move our loved ones.

We want to express our feelings in the most sensitive and touching way.

It's true. There are beautiful poems that will move and inspire our loved ones. On the other hand – there are A LOT of bad poems. The net is full of sites loaded with tons of poems. Love poems, happy birthday poems, funny poems, you name it.

I recommend that you choose a fine poem for your greeting. I will SUGGEST some serious sites offering large selections of poems sorted by subject and author.

You'll come across a few nice LOVE POEM sites, and some funny poem sites. Of course – as I recommended regarding quotes – you can also create your own poems for your greetings.

It is beyond the scope of this site (at least for the time being…) to offer a short course in poetry writing. However, the tips I gave in the Art of Greeting and in Create your Birthday Saying of this site are applicable for creating poetry as well.

I suggest that you start with two different sites, both of which deliver their selections beautifully.

At www.JapanPoem.com you can personalize and send some beautiful Haiku poems combined with calligraphy.

At www.Links2love.com you'll be able to alter specific words and insert your own in a poem. The result will be a personalized poem based on the words you implanted in it. It's fun and nice.

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Birthday poems.

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