Create Your own Golden Birthday Sayings!

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Create your Golden Birthday Saying!

Your birthday sayings, quotes, and greetings are personal by nature.

You know your recipient. You know his or her dreams and wishes. You know the opportunities and difficulties in her life.

Maybe you are looking for a quote that will support and inspire her. A quote that will help her take the next step, or comfort her in a difficult time.

Sometimes you'll find the suitable quote. Sometimes you'll feel that you could have come up with a better idea and phrasing. I want to support and encourage your decision to formulate your own birthday saying, to create your own quote.

The first step: select a topic

What should your birthday sayings be about? Should the subject derive from your own world and point of view or from your recipient's world?

I assume you want to make a difference in your recipient's life. Choose a topic that interests her, one that touches her life now.

Of course – you'll have to be able to say something about it. Ask yourself what the main issue in her life is now. Is it Health? Money? Career? Relationships? Self expression and fulfillment?

Choose the topic that will make your saying most valued and appreciated. And make sure you are able to produce a meaningful saying about this topic.

How to start

Now that you have selected your subject you can choose the kind of saying you want to create. There are a few types of birthday sayings you can choose from:

• Humoristic (with a funny punch line)

• Personal (saying something personal from you to her)

• Inspirational (inspiring the recipient to act or to enter a certain mood)

• Realistic (saying something about life or about a certain situation)

• Practical (giving some practical advice or information)

• Religious (evoking a religious feeling or point of view)

If you have something else in mind – by all means go with it. You can also combine two kinds of sayings, such as humoristic and realistic. Or personal and inspirational.

Now that you have chosen your subject and type of saying, you are half way there …and you can get to work.

The bottom line

Start by putting down the BOTTOM LINE of your birthday sayings in a few words.

For example if you are sending the card to a close old friend, you might end with something concerning your relationship in a combine humoristic-inspiring style. The bottom line might be: "Years go by, our bodies change, we may even get older. But our friendship will stay in our hearts forever."

Or "It took us some time, but finally we can admit how important our friendship is!"

Make sure you phrase the bottom line EXACTLY RIGHT. Be very accurate. Check that the message is precise, and that the message you wrote is what you meant

The Look and Feel

After you have your bottom line, you can phrase your saying in the style you chose.

For example: "Look at me my friend. The years have gone by so fast. But the room in my heart where our friendship grew is still covered with Beatles posters and songs!" It can be a semi-humoristic or semi-inspirational rephrasing of the first saying.

Or: "Those months we were apart passed so SLOWLY! Gee, I'm glad we're on the road again!"

Make sure your words, style and phrasing mean what you wanted to say in your bottom line sentence. Check that the ambiance and touch are right and appropriate. You don't want to be offensive but you also don't want to miss your point.

At first glance it might look like a job beyond your capabilities. Actually, it's not difficult. I assure you that after a few tries it will go easy and smooth – and your feeling will be awesome.

A few "tricks" and techniques

Here are a few techniques you might use:

• You can start your birthday sayings with the subject words. For example: "Relationships…. …… " This way you get to the topic immediately and can launch directly into your saying.

• You can ask a question. And then answer it (or leave it unanswered)

• You can phrase a "never" or an "always" saying to make your saying stronger.

But generally – after the few simple steps mentioned above and a few trial-and-error experiments you won’t need any advice. Just go to it and succeed.

And one last important tip – read your sayings aloud to yourself. Record them if you can. Get the feeling of your sayings rolling off your tongue. Listen to them. Make sure they have the right sound and feeling before attaching them to your greeting.

The End….

You won't always come up with the most brilliant of ideas. It won't always be THE quote and saying that will be remembered by generations to come.

But every now and then it WILL happen. An excellent quote will be created. One that you'll be proud to send, to read and contribute to your family and friends.

And even when it is not the best saying – it still might be the right thing to attach to your greeting. One that touches your recipient's life and makes a difference because it was tailor-made just for that one special person.

I look forward to hearing about your Birthday Sayings and Quotes experience. Write and tell me about your experiences.

Good Luck

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