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Anonymous writers

Birthday poem sites and poem sites in general, are divided into two main groups.

The first one offers personal poems written by unknown poets. Some of these sites are operated by the writers, who offer their poems and songs to the public (usually at no charge).

Others are communal poets' sites. They offer the poems of their community members to the public.

I don't recommend this kind of site. These poems are usually not up to the standard I would insert in my birthday greeting, and if I wouldn't use them, I certainly wouldn't suggest that you do.

Instead, I would recommend that you flex your mental muscles and write your own birthday poem.

Known Writers

The other kind of site offers poems written by known poets. In this category, I want to recommend two sites that I have found to be very good.

This site is very comprehensive. You can locate poems sorted by categories, events (such as birthdays), name of poem or writer, headline and more.

You can find poets by their name, date of birth or death, historical period, geographical area and more. You'll be able to find yourself a suitable superb poem for your greeting using the various tools on the site.

This is also a good site. It also enables you to sort poems and poets by various categories and it also contains quotes.

The service on these sites, and on most of the others, is without charge. Which means you can find your FREE birthday poem very easily.

So, if you choose to add a birthday poem to your greeting, and if you find one that is adequate and that contributes to the feeling you are trying to create, you can use one of these comprehensive sites to find the most appropriate choice for your card.

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