Discover some Quality quotes sites

As I mentioned – there are numerous quotes sites.

The problem is not finding one. Just type in "quotes" on one of the search engines and a whole galaxy of sites will open before you.

In my opinion, the real secret is to find a site that offers added value and not just a pile of advertisements.

A site that is fine tuned and characterized by good taste, a large variety and a constructive general concept and context.

I want to suggest a few sites that I have found to be of value.

Of course – keep in mind that everyone's taste is different. But I assume that if you have reached this point while exploring my site you trust my taste, at least to some extent.

The sites I am suggesting are not necessarily the largest or the most visited. Rather, they are the ones I have found to be in good taste and on the mark.

I hope you enjoy them. As I come across them, I will add additional sites here.

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You might also want to check Poems and Quotes .com

At you can find sayings sorted by subject and by author.

You can try and sample their unique section of Chocolate sayings

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