American Greetings Cards: legacy combined with modern digital options.

American Greetings cards have been around since 1906. The start was modest. Today it's the world's largest publicly-traded greeting card company, employing around 18000 people all over the world.

It produces paper greeting cards, e-cards, party products, stationery, calendars, candles and much more. The company also owns Carlton Cards and Gibson greeting cards.

The most popular copyright properties they hold are: Strawberry Shortcake, the Care Bears, Holly Hobbie and the Get-Along Gang.

American Greetings states its mission as connecting people, and helping people to express themselves and celebrate.

You can find your local American Greetings card store at:

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American Greetings : connecting people

You can also send a customized paper card, chosen from a large selection, directly from the Americans Greetings site.

You can go directly to the American Greetings site to choose, customize and send your personal card here :

There are many subjects to choose from: birthdays, holidays, special events and much more. You can also select a few card styles in each card category.

Birthday cards are sorted by relatives, groups, ages and friends.

When personalizing your card you can add a photo and your special greeting. You can choose fonts, colors and even use java script if you're the tech type and into it.

Cards cost $ 2.95 each and you can send them directly from the site in your name.

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